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Canning Community Computer Club was established in 2019 for members of our community who wish to learn about and use a wide range of computer technology. The purpose of the club is to provide easy understanding of today’s technology for its members.

Canning Community Computer Club is a community-based, non-commercial organisation that provides a pace where its members can feel:

  • connected with the local community in the Riverton/Shelley/Rossmoyne area
  • empowered to learn new skills in using different technologies
  • develop a strong network of friendships amongst members wanting to share and help each other.

As a club, we meet on a

  • Tuesday at the Herald Ave Seniors Citizens Club
  • first Tuesday of the month at the Riverton Library
  • Friday at the Rostrata Family Centre

The Herald Ave Seniors Citizens Club has been a strong advocate in ensuring the success of our club, providing us with a computer room that we could put to good use and a permanent address for our correspondence.

Since its formation three years ago, our numbers have grown to over 60 members, associate members and coffee club members. We meet socially once a month for members, friends and partners. We learnt early on that if we were to catch up with and make use of the modern world of technology, we had to actively encourage younger members to join our club.

Canning Community Computer Club is a community of friends willing to give back and serve our local community. All members can be proud of our club. Our contribution to the local community this year has included displays at the Rostrata Family Centre,  Riverton Library and Herald Ave Seniors Citizens Club. We also held a stall at the community Lunar New Year fete.

In the coming year, our goal is to purchase a 3D printer and CMC Router, and to continue to grow our successful club and building a stronger local community of friends in the City of Canning and to continue our work with the community we are so passionate about.


Currently open to new members: Yes
Annual membership fee: $20


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