Celebrating Men’s Shed Week

Start date: 30 August 2021
End date: 5 September 2021
All-day event
Location: Various

Men’s Shed Week is an annual event led by the Australian Men’s Shed Association to highlight the contributions of Men’s Sheds to their members’ wellbeing, and to the Australian community.

The values of Men’s Sheds are simple, as the best things always are. They are a safe place for men to go where they can work with their hands using tools and materials available in the shed and providing a casual social environment where you can just go and have a cuppa and a chat.

Inside the sheds you’ll find them working with wood, repairing furniture, turning their hand to a bit of carpentry and anything else they might want to try, but you’re just as likely to find art classes, singing groups, bicycle groups, bike and vehicle repairs and all sorts of other activities. Each shed is reflective of its members and its community. There really is something for everyone.

However the spirit of men’s sheds is not the building but the members. Members find themselves making new mates, sharing skills and experiences, giving back to the community when they become involved in projects and events through local councils and other community groups.

Sheds enable members to stay active, develop new skills, help their community, engage in recreational activities and make new friends. Their activities in the shed can help members maintain their strength, coordination, thinking skills, emotional wellbeing and independence.

That’s a lot of power from one simple Shed. Find your Shed here.